Our 8 favourite places to eat in Paris!

A list of recommendations that’s given us many moments of joy!

We hope you enjoy it too!


We are lucky enough to have met people who live/have lived in Paris for a while. That’s why we always nail it when choosing where to go either for breakfast, snacks, a dinner date…

France, and Paris in particular, are global capitals of gastronomy, but we’ve found there’s no need to go to the most expensive places to enjoy a good breakfast, lunch or dinner. This list is also meant to fit all budgets! Whether fantastic crepes or an elegant dinner, we believe you’ll find good options here. And since we want to keep adding places to the list, your comments and recommendations are welcome; and we’ll bring you new options the next time we visit the city of love.


Berthillon Glacier: Located in the Île Saint-Louis, very close to Notre Dame Cathedral, a pretty charming place with a great variety of sweets, ice creams and hot drinks. We had a coffe, a hot chocolate and two croissant for 10,5€.
ADDRESS: 29-31 Rue Saint Louis en l’Ille, 75004
Boulangerie Miss Manon: Small bakery where we found everything to be pretty good and tasty. On Rue Saint-Antoine, near Place des Vosges. We had coffee, tea and two pastries for 13,50€.

ADDRESS: 87 Rue Saint-Antoine, 75004


Creperie des Canettes: A great place near Rue Saint-Germain to try this typical french specialty. The place is very well know among locals and can get very busy, so we recommend to go early and wait a little bit until they free up a table for you. It’s worth the wait! We ate for 37€ (two people).
ADDRESS: 10 Rue des Canettes, 75006


Chez Janou: Located in Le Marais area, and recommended by a Parisian friend, this place won’t dissappoint. Charming and with a lot of local flavor, with a touch of eccentricity in the decoration. The food is very good, and their famous chocolate mousse is a must for dessert! Order one and share, since it’s quite big. We paid 55€, and dessert was on the house, since our friend is a regular customer 😉

ADDRESS: 2 Rue Roger Verlomme, 75003
Le Petit Pontoise: Located on Rue de Pontoise, this is a cool little restaurant of typically French cuisina, where everything is exquisite (love the duck confit specially). We went with a couple of friends who were also in Paris that weekend, and we paid 156,60€ for four people.
ADDRESS: 9 Rue Pontoise, 75005
Ma Bourgogne: Also a recommendation from a relative who lived in Paris for a few years and who loves good food, we ended up dining at this restaurant that, almost exclusively serves steak tartare with fries. If you are into it, this will make your day! We only ordered that and paid 55€ in total, which is not bad at all for a place like this. Definitely worht it, along with the stroll on Place des Vosges afterwards!
ADDRESS: 19 Place des Vosgues, 75004
Le Nouveau Carillon: For a cold winter day near Monmartre, find this little restaurant and order the soupe a cóignon. It will immediately warm you up!
ADDRESS: 1 Rue des Abbesses, 75018
Brasserie Balzar: For a more formal dinner in the Latin Quarter, and with the style and environment of a typical Parisian Brasserie. Classic french recipes and with a resonable price: around 30-40€ per person.
ADDRESS: 49 Rue des Écoles, 75005

We hope this helped to make you want to visit Paris, and try the gastronomy of one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. Even if you already know it, there are always new corners to discover! In this post you can read about our idel weekend there!

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